About Us | Affordable mobile phone service, e-learning

Who is JumpWireless.org?

JumpWireless.org works diligently to bridge the digital divide by offering  affordable workforce development e-learning, and affordable, high-speed (LTE) Internet service. We use the Internet at home and on our mobile phones for health care, education, socializing, job hunting, and sometimes just for fun. At JumpWireless.org, we believe that education and Internet access along with the associated technologies are the keys to success. That’s why we have our affordable, e-learning suite, JumpEDU. JumpEDU offers over 400 online tutorials to assist with workforce readiness and development. In addition to our affordable high-speed Internet services, online learning allows us to further our mission. Our goal is to help our communities become part of the conversation online without barriers and with the proper technology regardless of income. Learn more about our e-learning through JumpEDU, and affordable Internet today.

How Our Story Begins

JumpWireless.org’s Founder was helping his daughter and her peers with a school project that required research on the Internet, along with the development of a presentation. Some of those students didn’t have access to the Internet at their homes. When presentation time arrived, the students with Internet access at home were able to deliver a more comprehensive project. The need to help bridge the digital divide became apparent, and JumpWireless.org was formed. Now, part of our mission at JumpWireless.org is to make sure all students have the same educational advantages. In fact, we want everyone to research, connect, bank, shop, and stream. And, above all else, we want everyone to enjoy the positive Boundless Opportunities of the Internet and to access affordable technologies like smartphones and online learning management software. ​

Our Mission:

JumpWireless.org shapes communities and bridges the digital divide by providing the Boundless Opportunities of high-speed (LTE), affordable Internet service, affordable mobile phone service,  and free technology education.

Why, You Ask?

In the last 25 years, Internet access and access to technologies like smartphones have evolved from a luxury or entertainment service to an essential part of daily life. Access to the Internet at high speeds at home or on a smartphone, along with access to the flexibility of e-learning to develop skills, is necessary to participate in the modern American economy and culture. Easy and economical access to the Internet and technologies and software associated with the Internet is important for all. That is why JumpWireless.org offers  e-learning, and affordable, high-speed Internet service for everyone, regardless of income.

How Can We Do This?

JumpWireless.org developed a partnership with Mobile Citizen, another non-profit organization with a similar mission, to provide affordable Internet service. JumpWireless.org’s affordable e-learning suite, JumpEDU, was implemented and is maintained in coordination with the eLearning Center of Excellence. Lastly, JumpWireless.org became a reseller of a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) that operates on the Sprint network in order to bring affordable mobile phone service to our communities. We provide services to all regardless of income. Learn more about JumpWireless.org’s mission to provide e-learning, and affordable, high-speed Internet service