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Because we believe access and education are the keys to success, JumpWireless.org offers these courses at our special, discounted non-profit rates. These special rates are available for individuals and for businesses.

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JumpEDU Courses

Deliver high-quality instructional and educational content

Provide necessary skills and confidence needed in real world applications and situations

Include presentations by certified instructors and experienced computer training consultants

Allow users to apply education and gained knowledge in the workforce

Utilize a self-paced curriculum to learn at your own pace in your own time frame

Issue a certificate of completion

Our high-quality training videos have been used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and medium-sized firms in the private sector. Titles range from Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, and Cisco to other professional development courses. JumpWireless.org has partnered with the eLearning Center of Excellence, eLCoE, a comprehensive e-learning solutions provider, to distribute these online courses. Our affordable, online courses provide a cost-effective approach to delivering content. Courses are available 24/7. Users simply need an Internet connection and a web browser. E-learning is ideal for our community organizations, partners, and friends. Our online training is flexible, unlimited, consistent, affordable, and fun. Our fee structure is simple. If you need a payment plan, we have options. Give us a ring today at (844) GET-JUMP, that’s (844) 438-5867.

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